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Crazy Creek Wave Day

Beautiful Wave day - Crazy Creek

Weather Machine Screen showing cold and windy

Williams Soaring Weather Machine
WSC wind NW 32 mph, temp 7 F
Ready to go fly? Dress Warm.

Truckee Wave

Wave at Truckee, July 2007
Looking ENE from Truckee.

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PASCO - Weather Links

Public Access Weather Information *

Dr. Jack -

Dr. Jack provides very sophisticated soaring weather forecasting tools! There are several freely available forecasts, however, registration (free) is required to access them.

Dr. Jack's Help & Information - BLIPMAP Help page provides information regarding registration and subscribing, as well as information about where to find information.

A good source about understanding these forecasts was created by a San Francisco Bay Area Cross Country pilot :
Read "BlipMap for Dummies" by Ramy Yanetz.- 2013


Weather Pages

SEE Weather Page by Peter Kelly (PK) for the most up-to-date weather links.

National Weather Service Area Weather

Discussions - National Weather Service

Reno - Truckee Forecasts

Current data

  • WindyTy: Winds and Temps - Graphic windlines. Select Overlays. Nice wind depiction.
  • Surface Observations - Current and recent observations of "local" points. Select the area your want to view after the initial page opens.

Satellite Photos

  • Satellite Meteorology.  Select West Coast & EPAC (Eastern Pacific) to see Northern California, and various others.

Jet Streams


Forecast Chart Models

*Thanks to Peter Kelly (PK) for these great WX links