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Wave Windows - FAA Wave Agreements

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If you fly the Wave Windows, YOU MUST READ Fred LaSor's "Wave Window" presentation below


Wave Window Update Presentation - by Fred LaSor - PASCO 2008 (496 KB PDF)
The Minden and Pyramid Lake area Wave Windows were re-negotiated and combined into a single agreement. Fred's presentation reviews the Wave Window and how to make sure that we all follow procedures to protect this valuable asset.
FAA Minden and Pyramid Lake Area Wave Agreement (PDF 211 KB)
Updated Oct. 29, 2010 to show "NorCal Approach". Thanks to Rolf Peterson, PASCO, for putting this together.
New "Pen and Ink" changes to existing agreement, effective March 8, 2012 specify that gliders are to Squawk Transponder code 1202.
AGREEMENT Updates (Squawk Codes) Adobe PDF, 2 pages.
IMPORTANT UPDATE: where the document refers to "Reno Approach", you now contact "NorCal Approach" using same frequencies.
Review Minden/Pyramid wave documents and get a briefing from your local club or glider operation before you attempt a wave flight. They probably will not open the wave window for you if you have not been briefed.
Williams Soaring Center - Williams, CA Wave Procedures
Visit the Williams web site to view the Wave Window information that was prepared by Peter Kelly and Darryl Ramm. Be sure to ask the WSC staff to review the requirements and be sure download the SUA file for your PDA prior to any wave flight attempt to make sure you stay in the window boundaries..
Siskiyou - Mt. Shasta Club Wave Procedures
Details are not yet available for the Mt. Shasta Club agreement.