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Where's The Egg?

PASCO Egg Capture Trophy

PASCO Egg Capture Trophy

Where's The Egg?

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The PASCO EGG History

Objective of the PASCO Egg

To provide Region 11 pilots with a safe, low key, fun way to fly more cross country, meet other pilots, and compete good naturedly toward a common goal. It should also help to bring Region 11 operators and clubs closer together.

PASCO Egg Capture Trophy History

The PASCO Capture Trophy
(August 1991 WESTWIND)

Note: Thanks to Bob Casamajor, trophy sculptor; George Thelen, who financed its creation; Rex Mayes and Karol Hines who created the concept. PASCO now has a trophy to replace “the duck”, a mangy stuffed bird that was dumped upon unsuspecting Region 11 gliderports and was required to be displayed until it could be flown to another field. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, the duck got lost!

The new trophy, a beautiful black walnut egg and plaque, is worth coveting and displaying. It can be easily stashed in a sailplane. Bob Casamajor has created a beauty, and philanthropist George Thelen has decided that its inauguration will be at the grand opening of Jim and Connie Indrebo’s exciting new Crazy Creek Soaring.


Sept. 11, 2009 Egg Capture

Lee Edling Holding the PASCO Egg

Lee Edling proudly displays the Pasco Egg after capturing it from Williams Soaring for Air Sailing.


October 2007 Egg Capture

Darryl Captures the Egg for Williams Soaring Center October 2007

Darryl Ramm is congratulated by Rex Mayes at Williams Soaring after flying to Byron to capture the egg - October 2007