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2015 Region 11 Soaring Awards

2015 Awards

These PASCO members won PASCO Awards for their contribution to soaring or their soaring achievement.

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2015 - For the Love of it!
(and the Bragging Rights!)


Dick Horn

Byron to Hollister

(captured for Byron)

OLC R11 Champion

(best 6 flts)

Jim Payne

1st World Wide!

9,901 points

OLC R11 - All Flights

Keith Essex

1st World Wide

31,862 points

OLC R11 - Speed Champion

Jim Payne

1st World Wide!

1,225 points

OLC R11 – BHC Champion

Jim Payne

1,167 pts
1000km FAI triangle

Most Rides Given



Most Commercial
Rides Given

1st: Stefan Valentin (Minden)

165 rides

2nd: Charlie Hayes (Williams)

105 rides

3rd: Drew Pearce (Williams)

52 rides

Region 11 Service Safety Award - 2015

Larry Suter

For his untiring devotion and personal time and resources put forward to make NCSA a fully functional organization and the work he has provided to train pilots to fly safely in the mountains and for development of standardized training and checkout courses/syllabus.

Region 11 Contest Results - 2015

Region 11 Sports

none held in 2015

Region 11 Combined FAI - Soar Truckee

1 - Bill Gawthrop

2 - David Greenhill

3 - Steve Koerner

Air Sailing

Sports Class

1- Dennis Linnekin

2 - Keith Eyler

3 - Arnold Frankenberger


Spring Contest

Not Held



PASCO Distance Awards - 2015

Longest Distance

Up to 3TP

Jim Payne,
Alan Coombs

Minden to Inyokern to Adms Peak to Inyokern to Adams Peak

1,230 sm

(OLD 2,907 km)

Longest Out & Return

Darren Braun

Hollister to Agua Dulce and back

467 sm

752 km

Longest Straight Out

Katia & NathanYanetz

Minden, NV to Arco, ID

465 sm

Longest Silver Distance

Dan Colton

136 sm

Sawyer Award - 2015


Matt Gillis

13,747 points


David Anisman

13,618 points


Uwe Kleinhempel

10,347 points

Les Arnold Award - 2015

Jan Driessen

For the better part of twenty seasons he has been a driving force at Soar Truckee as a Manager, Flight Instructor, glider ride pilot and overall positive, enthusiastic supporter of our sport of soaring. His hard work, dedication, attention to detail and warm sense of humor make him a role model for anyone who is involved with the Sierra soaring community.

Exceptional Service to Soaring Award - 2015

Morgan Hall

For his extensive mentoring efforts and his service to revive Avenal in recent years

Marianne Guerin

For her efforts this year to expand opportunities for new and intermediate pilots and reviving the Hollister League

SSA Certificate of Appreciation - 2015



Records Granted or Claimed - 2015

US Motorglider Singleplace – North American Open Class

Mitch Polinsky
Triangle speed 300/500 km: 98.58 mph

US/World Motorglider Multiplace –

Jim Payne / Allan Coombs

Distance up to 3TPs:643.9 SM

300/500/750/1000km Out & Return
speed: 158 mph

US Open Singleplace

Bill Gawthrop

Triangle speed 1000 km: 92.20 mph

Hollister League Award - 2015

Longest flight from Hollister





The Pacific Soaring Council (PASCO) presents two kinds of annual awards: Flight Awards and Merit / Recognition Awards.

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