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2014 Region 11 Soaring Awards

2014 Awards


These PASCO members won PASCO Awards for their contribution to soaring or their soaring achievement.

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2014 - For the Love of it!
(and the Bragging Rights!)


the Egg stayed at
Hollister in 2014

no capture in 2014

OLC R11 Champion

(best 6 flts)

Jim Payne
1st worldwide!

7673 points

OLC R11 - All Flights

Jim Payne
2nd worldwide!

22643 points

OLC R11 - Speed Champion

Jim Payne
1st worldwide!

1092 points

OLC R11 – BHC Champion

Mitch Polinsky
1st worldwide!

1347 pts
1250 km FAI triangle

Most Rides Given

1- Marty Michael (Hollister)

16 rides

Most Commercial
Rides Given

1- Drew Pearce(Williams)

151 rides

2- Ed Skuzinski (Williams)

74 rides

3- Charlie Hayes(Williams)

53 rides

Region 11 Service Safety Award - 2014

Service Safety Award

Not awarded in 2014

Region 11 Contest Results - 2014

Region 11 Sports

not held in 2014

Region 11 Combined FAI - Soar Truckee

1 - Luke Ashcraft

2 - Jonathan Hughes

3 - Sergio Colacevich

Air Sailing

Sports Class

1- Robert Mercier

2 - JJ Sinclair

3 - Tim Gardner


Spring Contest

1 - Bill Gawthrop

2 - Morgan Hall

3 - Walt Rogers

PASCO Distance Awards - 2014

Longest Distance

Up to 3TP

Jim Payne
Dennis Tito
Minden (Susanville to Mammoth to Susanville to Inyokern to Stead )

1101 SM

Longest Out & Return

Ramy Yanetz
(Ely to east of Page, AZ, and return)

541 SM

Longest Straight Out

Mitch Polinsky
Murray Hewko
Ely (release near Alamo) to Western Nebraska (Landed Torrington, WY)

690 SM

Longest Silver Distance

Van Henson

101 SM

Sawyer Award - 2014


Jim Payne

15850 points


Pat Alford

15439 points


Matt Gillis

15012 points

Les Arnold Award - 2014

Sergio Colacevich

Years of consistent devotion and voluntary efforts at organizing events, contests, tasks, coaching, TAGARs, Alby and publicity

Exceptional Service to Soaring Award - 2014

Ty White

For serving as PASCO membership officer for 30 years, the longest PASCO committee member

SSA Certificate of Appreciation - 2014

Robert Stone (Stoney)

For his significant contribution to soaring in the Reno area, as well as his support of the SSA's programs and events. He has been an instructor and managed camps and contests at Air Sailing. This year he was appointed as the SSA Governor for the state of Nevada.

Records Granted or Claimed - 2014

US Motorglider Singleplace –

Mitch Polinsky

Out & return speed 300 km: 193.66 kph

Straight distance to a goal: 770.2 km

Triangle speed 1250 km: 138.30 kph

Free distance: 1110.9 km

Out and return distance: 1031.5 km

Free out and return distance: 1031.5 km

Out & return speed 1000 km: 118.89 kph

Out & return speed 750 km: 141.73 kph

US Motorglider Multiplace –

Jim Payne &
Dennis Tito

Out and Return Speed 300 km: 240.94 kph

Triangle speed 300/500 km: 134.47 kph

Hollister League Award - 2014

Longest flight from Hollister

Eric Rupp

440 SM


The Pacific Soaring Council (PASCO) presents two kinds of annual awards: Flight Awards and Merit or Recognition Awards.

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