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2016 Region 11 Soaring Awards

2016 Awards

These PASCO members won PASCO Awards for their contribution to soaring or their soaring achievement.

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Here are the 2016 Award Winners. View the 2016 Award Presentation file. (PDF)


2016 - For the Love of it!
(and the Bragging Rights!)


Andrew Ouellet

Note: Flew back to Avenal on same day

Avenal to Byron

(Captured for Avenal)

OLC R11 Champion

(best 6 flts)

Jim Payne - 1st Worldwide

9,879 points

OLC R11 - All Flights

Ramy Yanetz - 1st Nationwide

28,567 points

OLC R11 - Speed Champion

Keith Essex - 1st Worldwide

1,189 points

OLC R11 – BHC Champion

Mitch Polinsky - 1st Nationwide
1000 km FAI Triangle

1,044 points

Most Rides Given

none submitted


Most Commercial
Rides Given

1st: Charlie Hayes (Williams)

61 rides

2nd: Rex Mayes (Williams)

12 rides

3rd: Matt Acer (Williams)

9 rides

2016 National Contest Results

US Nationals 15m champion

Nephi, UT

Peter Deane - 1st Place

US National Aerobatic Championship

Guy Acheson - 1st Place, Advanced Gliders

Eric Lentz-Gauthier - 1st Place Unlimited Gliders

Region 11 Service Safety Award - 2016



Region 11 Contest Results - 2016

Region 11 Sports

Only Air Sailing & Truckee sanctioned events in 2016

Region 11 Combined FAI - Soar Truckee

1 - John Cochrane

2 - Luke Ashcraft

3 - Jim Lee

Air Sailing

Sports Class

1- Keith Eyler

2 - Dennis Linnekin

3 - Aland Adams


Spring Contest

not held



PASCO Distance Awards - 2016

Longest Distance

Up to 3TP

Mitch Polinsky

Ely To Brian Head To South of Twin Springs to NE of Spruce Peak

670 sm

(OLC 1109 km)

Longest Out & Return

Kempton Izuno, Tom Bjork

Minden to Ely and back

537 sm

(864 km)


Longest Straight Out

Kempton Izuno, Tom Bjork

Williams, CA to Silver Lake, WA

475 sm

(765 km)

Longest Silver Distance

Marton Kun-Szabo

154 sm

Sawyer Award - 2016


Uwe Kleinhempel

14,749 points


Dan Colton

11,369 points


David Anisman

10,949 points

Most Improved XC Pilot

Dan Colton

2015 Longest Flight 219 km

2016 Longest flight 358 km

Les Arnold Award - 2016

Larry Suter

For his untiring devotion and personal time and resources put forward to training NCSA pilots at Byron, Truckee, and ASI. For making NCSA a fully functional organization, ensuring that there are gliders and tow planes available for all. For having served as NCSA president and the 'man behind the scenes' in the club.

Crew chief for the tow plane, roving instructor to mountain sites, cheerleader for budding pilots, and generally fixing whatever needed attention. He also served as the chief instructor at the NSA thermal camp for the past three years, then stayed on as lead pilot for cross-country camp.

Exceptional Service to Soaring Award - 2016

John Scott

For towing at ASI and Byron above and beyond the call of duty and for exceptional service by accepting responsibilities - tow plane maintenance chief, safety - at both of those locations

SSA Certificate of Appreciation - 2016

Morgan Hall

For his significant contribution to soaring in region 11 as the President of the Central California Soaring Club based in Avenal and as PASCO board member. He is a relentless promoter of soaring giving numerous rides and cross country flights to pilots and friends in his personal two seat glider. He is a strong advocate of soaring in Region 11 and exudes this enthusiasm wherever he goes in the region.

Records Granted or Claimed - 2016

US Motorglider Singleplace – North American Open Class

Mitch Polinsky

  • Speed over a 750 km triangle: 171.74 kph
    (US National Record)
  • Speed over a 300 km triangle: 168.34 kph
    (US National Record; N.A. Continental Record)
  • Speed over a 1000 km triangle: 152.72 kph
    (US National Record; N.A. Continental Record)

US Motorglider Multi-place –


US Open Singleplace


Hollister League Award - 2016

Longest flight from Hollister




The Pacific Soaring Council (PASCO) presents two kinds of annual awards: Flight Awards and Merit / Recognition Awards.

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