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2012 Region 11 Soaring Awards

2012 Awards

"Safety Service Award"

Will be presented annually, or from time to time, by the Board of Directors to a PASCO member who in the preceding year has made a significant contribution to the safety of the sport of soaring in Region 11 or country wide.
In particular, The PASCO Safety Award will be presented to the member who has contributed most significantly to stepping up the overall safety protocols all across Region 11, or any other innovation that helps safety.


Here are the current PASCO members who won PASCO Awards for their contribution to soaring.

Go to specific award pages for a complete list of all the previous winners.


2012 - For the Love of it!
(and the Bragging Rights!)


Morteza Ansari

Truckee to Airsailing
Capture for Truckee

Ramy Yanetz

Jean to Truckee
Capture for Jean

Eric Rupp

Hollister to Jean
Capture for Hollister

PASCO Egg Attempts

Morgan Hall &
Julie Butler


Eric Rupp


Matt Gillis


Peter Kelly


OLC R11 Champion
(best 6 flts)

Uwe Kleinhempel

(5th worldwide!)

7,298 points

OLC R11 - All Flights

Ramy Yanetz
(10th worldwide!)

30,583 points

OLC Champion - FAI



Most Rides Given

1- Bob Semans

120 Rides

2- Jim Wynhoff

30 rides

3- Bob Spielman

14 rides

Most Commercial
Rides Given

1- Haven Rich

227 rides

2- Ed Skuzinski

146 rides

3- Tom Tuttle

17 rides

Region 11 Service Safety Award - 2012

(new in 2012)

Service Safety Award

Peter Kelly

For consistently and unselfishly contributing passion, innovation, and guidance by his personal example on all safety matters.

Region 11 Contest Results -2012

Crazy Creek

Sports Class

1 - Bill Gawthrop


2 - Peter Deane


3 - Luke Ashcraft


Soar Truckee

Region 11 Combined FAI

1 - Bill Gawthrop


2 - Luke Ashcraft


3 - Jonathan Hughes


Air Sailing

Sports Class

1 - Tim Gardner


2 - Aland Adams


3 - Ryan Moran


PASCO Distance Awards -2012

Longest Distance Up to 3 Turnpoints

Jim Payne &

Dennis Tito
[Minden - Olancha - Reno - Whitney - Stead]

(2212 OLC KM)

941 SM

Longest Out & Return

Ramy Yanetz

[Ely - Kaibab Plateau near Gran Canyon - Ely]

452 SM

Longest Straight Out

Matt Gillis

Justin Gillis

[Truckee to Parowan]

414 SM

Longest Silver Distance

Quest Richlife

137 SM

Sawyer Award -2012

  1st Place

Buzz Graves

22,418 points

  2nd place

Uwe Kleinhempel

20,732 points

  3rd place

Darren Braun

18,135 points

Les Arnold Award - 2012

Les Arnold Award

Harry Fox

Years of devotion and efforts at keeping BASA going and helping with Air Sailing camps

Exceptional Service Awards - 2012

Exceptional Service

Laurie Harden

Fred Lasor

Reno SSA Convention

Exceptional Service

Haven Rich

Years of exceptional service at Hollister fixing towplanes and gliders and introducing hundreds to the sport through glider rides

Records Granted or Claimed - 2012

US Motorglider Singleplace

Triangle Distance

Bill Gawthrop

661 miles

1000 km triangle speed

Bill Gawthrop

80.33 mph

Free Triangle Distance

Uwe Kleinhempel

699 miles

Nevada Ultralight and Sports Class - 2012

Free Distance &
Free 3 TP Distance

Bob Spielman




The Pacific Soaring Council (PASCO) presents two kinds of annual awards: Flight Awards and Merit or Recognition Awards.

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