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Region 11 PASCO Service Awards


Les Arnold Service Award

First presented to Les Arnold in 1977 for his many years of untiring devotion to the sport of soaring. The award will be presented annually, or from time to time, by the PASCO Board of Directors to someone who has exhibited the “Les Arnold Spirit” in the effort to improve the quality of the sport in Region 11.


YEAR Les Arnold Award - NAME
1977 Les Arnold
1979 Carl Herold
1980 Bernard Smith
1981 Alex Burnette
1982 Gordon Casamajor
1983 Les Sebald
1984 Stanley Straus
1987 Emil Kissel
1988 Dick Brandt
1989 Gary Kemp
1990 Bob McKay
1991 George Thelen
1992 Jim Indebro
1993 Janet and Roger Clark
1995 Rex Mayes
1996 Hette Amade
1997 Ty White
1998 Karol Hines
1999 Robert Semans
2000 Norma Burnette
2002 Rolf Peterson
2003 Doug Armstrong
2004 Tome and Billy Stowers
2007 Monique Weil - Lifetime Achievement
2008 Peter Deane - Lifetime Achievement
2009 --

Dr. Jack Glendening

Lifetime Achievement for the BLIPMAP soaring forecasts.


Bob "Chukar" Spielman

Lifetime Achievement


Harry Fox

Years of devotion and efforts at keeping BASA going and helping with Air Sailing camps


Dan Gudgel
Continual service to the soaring community in both Region 11 as well as 12 and nationally with his contest weather forecasts and monthly weather articles.


Sergio Colacevich

Years of consistent devotion and voluntary efforts at organizing events, contests, tasks, coaching, TAGARs, Alby and publicity


Jan Driessen

For the better part of twenty seasons he has been a driving force at Soar Truckee as a Manager, Flight Instructor, glider ride pilot and overall positive, enthusiastic supporter of our sport of soaring. His hard work, dedication, attention to detail and warm sense of humor make him a role model for anyone who is involved with the Sierra soaring community.


Larry Suter

For his untiring devotion and personal time and resources put forward to training NCSA pilots at Byron, Truckee, and ASI. For making NCSA a fully functional organization, ensuring that there are gliders and tow planes available for all. For having served as NCSA president and the 'man behind the scenes' in the club.

Crew chief for the tow plane, roving instructor to mountain sites, cheerleader for budding pilots, and generally fixing whatever needed attention. He also served as the chief instructor at the NSA thermal camp for the past three years, then stayed on as lead pilot for cross-country camp


Richard Pearl

For many years of service to the local soaring community: Instructor at NCSA, Thermal Camps at ASI, and more recently serving as Mr Truckee, shepherding the organization into its' present incarnation as TTSA.


Kempton Izuno

For many years of XC mentoring in his personal glider and other contributions, such as organizing XC camps at Tonopah, and support of the soaring community with presentations and forecasts alerts.


Charlie Hayes

For his many years of untiring devotion to the sport of soaring. Over 20 years of working with several glider/soaring operators in Region 11 as FBO, instructor and tow pilot. He instructed and mentored many, many pilots throughout Region 11 in all aspects of soaring and XC skills.


Exceptional Service to Soaring

Presented annually by the PASCO Board of Directors to a PASCO member who in the preceding year has made an outstanding contribution to the sport of soaring in Region 11.

YEAR Exceptional Service Award

Work Completed

(Multiple awards possible each year)

1996 Peter Deane Founded PASCO League
1998 Mike Hoke Nevada Records Keeper 1977-1998. Individual trophy.
1999 Peter Kelly Web Master & VSA support
1999 Carl Herold XC Seminar & XC support
2000 Rolf Peterson FAA Liaison
2000 Vern Frye NSA/Gerlach/Safari
2000 Doug Armstrong Daily Soaring Forecast
2001 Tom George ASI Land Patent
2002 Jack Glending BLIP map forecasts
2002 ASI, Inc. Family Friendly most improved Building of club house
2002 Youth Soaring Association Many students supported and soloed.
2003 Doug Donohue Creating SSA State Record Website
2005 Brian Choate Region 11 Web Sites
2006 Peter Deane West Wind and web site.
2007 Peter Deane West Wind.
2007 Karol Hines Reno Airspace Work Groups
2008 Rolf Peterson Minden & Pyramid Lake Wave Window re-negotiation.
2008 Larry Roberts PASCO Website restructure
2008 Quest Richlife Maintaining Soaring at Hollister, CA
2008 Rex & Noelle Mayes Montague Nationals & Regionals

Sergio Colacevich

Alby Project


Rex & Noelle Mayes

2009 Montague Nationals and Regionals


Rick Walters

Life Time Contribution to Soaring in Region 11


Doug Lent

Soar Truckee Management


Bruce Roberts

Airshow displays


Jim Wallis

PASCO WestWind Newsletter


Laurie Harden

Fred Lasor

Reno SSA Convention

Haven Rich

Years of exceptional service at Hollister fixing towplanes and gliders and introducing hundreds to the sport through glider rides


Sergio Colacevich

Tony Gaechter


For managing the Truckee contests two years in a row, and work on the apron at Truckee

Buzz Graves

For his effort at mentoring new cross country pilots at Air Sailing, Byron and Hollister


Ty White

For serving as PASCO membership officer for 30 years, the longest PASCO committee member


Morgan Hall

For his extensive mentoring efforts and his service to revive Avenal in recent years

Marianne Guerin

For her efforts this year to expand opportunities for new and intermediate pilots and reviving the Hollister League


John Scott

For towing at ASI and Byron above and beyond the call of duty and for exceptional service by accepting responsibilities - tow plane maintenance chief, safety - at both of those locations

  • Valentin Mayamsin
  • Ace Lewis
  • Bart Klusek
  • Dmitry Chichkov

Region 11 RASP Providers (We forgot to recognize Andy Hogben)

2018 Thomas Greenhill

For his support and actions taken to promote cross country mentoring, promote youth soaring, and organizing the Youth Soaring event at Avenal.

2019 Philip Lee

For his initiative, leadership and personal work to generate specifications, software and hardware and a master plan for installation of OGN (Flarm) receivers in Region 11.

Sergio Mentoring Award - NEW starting in 2018

  1. New perpetual trophy
  2. Will be awarded annually based on number of nominations. The pilot receiving the highest number of nominations will win the award.
  3. Mentoring is not limited to mentoring flights. Any type of mentoring will be considered


YEAR Sergio Mentoring Award - NAME
2018 Sergio Colacevich
2019 Don Flinn