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2013 Region 11 Soaring Awards

2013 Awards


These PASCO members won PASCO Awards for their contribution to soaring or their soaring achievement.

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2013 - For the Love of it!
(and the Bragging Rights!)


Julie Butler

Avenal to Hollister

(Captured for Avenal)

Kurt Thams

Hollister to Avenal

(Captured for Hollister)

OLC R11 Champion

(best 6 flts)

Jim Payne

(1st US/Worldwide!)

8401 points

OLC R11 - All Flights

Ramy Yanetz

(2nd in the US)

29145 points

Most Rides Given

1- Elizabeth Tattersall (Minden)

mostly Young Eagles flights

18 rides

Most Commercial
Rides Given

1- Ed Skuzinski (Williams)

224 rides

2- Elizabeth Tattersall (Minden)

120 rides

3- Jefferey Hazelgrove (Williams)

59 rides

Region 11 Service Safety Award - 2013

Service Safety Award

Kempton Izunu

Generously and consistently contributed an impressive amount of time sharing his equipment and expertise with others. His continued efforts to increase safety and to promote the sport of soaring are hereby recognized by the Pacific Area Soaring Council.

Region 11 Contest Results - 2013

Region 11 Sports Class - Montague

1 - Peter Deane


2 - Luke Ashcraft


3 - Sergio Colacevich


Region 11 Combined FAI - Soar Truckee

1 - Luke Ashcraft


2 - Sergio Colacevich


3 - Dennis Linnekin


Air Sailing

Sports Class

1 - Matt Herron


2 - JJ Sinclair


3 - Kerry Richards



Spring Contest

1 - Bill Gawthrop


2 - Peter Deane


3 - Morgan Hall


PASCO Distance Awards - 2013

Longest Distance

Up to 3TP

Jim Payne

(Minden [Halelujah Jct] - Rasamond - Keeler - Frazier - Palm Springs)

811 SM

Longest Out & Return

Ramy Yanetz

(Truckee [Minden] to West of Inyokern and return

487 SM

Longest Straight Out

Ramy Yanetz

Katia Yanetz

(Byron to Crystal)

315 SM

Longest Silver Distance



Sawyer Award - 2013

  1st Place

Jim Payne

16,439 points

Les Arnold Award - 2013

Les Arnold Award

Dan Gudgel

Continual service to the soaring community in both Region 11 as well as 12 and nationally with his contest weather forecasts and monthly weather articles.

Exceptional Service Awards - 2013

Exceptional Service

Sergio Colacevich

Tony Gaechter

For managing the Truckee contests two years in a row, and work on the apron at Truckee

Exceptional Service

Buzz Graves

For his effort at mentoring new cross country pilots at Air Sailing, Byron and Hollister

Records Granted or Claimed - 2013

US Motorglider
Single place

Mitch Polinsky

500KM Out & Return Speed

96.88 mph

300/500 km Triangle Speed

97.32 mph

750 Triangle Speed

93.62 mph

1000 km Triangle Speed

86.38 mph

Triangle / 3TP Distance

665.1 miles

Free Triangle Distance

719.08 miles


The Pacific Soaring Council (PASCO) presents two kinds of annual awards: Flight Awards and Merit or Recognition Awards.

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