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2019 Region 11 Soaring Awards

2019 Awards

Here are the 2019 Award Winners. View the 2019 Award Presentation file. (PDF)

These PASCO members won PASCO Awards for their contribution to soaring or their soaring achievement.

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PASCO Distance Awards - 2019

Longest Distance


Uwe Kleinhempel

Ely to east of Lincoln to Tonopah to Battle Mountain to Ely

697 SM

Longest Straight Out #1


Pilot: Ramy Yanetz
Crew: Katia Yanetz

Hollister to Tehachapi

208 SM

Longest Straight Out #2

Pilot: Ramy Yanetz
Crew: Katia Yanetz

Tehachapi to Battle Mountain

(Dust Devil Dash 1st Place)

389 SM

Sawyer Award - 2019

Wyll Soll

5168 x 3 = 15,504 pt

Most Improved XC Pilot - 2019

Zach Yamauchi

Prior longest flight 311 km
2019 longest flight 816 km

Region 11 Contest Results - 2019

Region 11 Combined FAI - Truckee

1 - John Cochrane

2 - Noel Wade

3 - Jon Fitch

Air Sailing

Sports Class

1- Zach Yamauchi

2- Aland Adams

3- Kerry Richards

Records Granted or Claimed - 2019

US Open Class singleplace 750km O&R speed:

156.58 km/h– Mitch Polinsky

Region 11 OLC results - 2019

OLC R11 Champion

(best 6 flts)

1st - Keith Essex
2nd – Ramy Yanetz
3rd – Russ Owens

7832 pts

OLC R11 - All Flights

Ramy Yanetz

31,414 pts

OLC R11 - Speed Champion

Jim Lee

975 pts

OLC R11 – Longest flight

Keith Essex (Ely)

1338 km

PASCO Egg - 2019

Philip Lee - 4/14/2019

Hollister to Avenal

(Captured for Hollister

Exceptional Service to Soaring Award - 2019

Philip Lee

For his initiative, leadership and personal work to generate specifications, software and hardware and a master plan for installation of OGN (Flarm) receivers in Region 11.

Sergio Mentoring Award - 2019

  1. Perpetual trophy.
  2. Will be awarded annually based on number of nominations. The pilot who receives the highest number of nominations will win the award.
  3. Mentoring is not limited to mentoring flights. Any type of mentoring will be considered.

Don Flinn

For free training and mentoring most of Cal Poly Akaflieg students in the last 4 years on their journey towards becoming rated glider pilots and progression into XC.  He has given hundreds of instruction flights and has been instrumental in getting 12 Akaflieg students solo endorsed. Of those 12, 8 are now licensed glider pilots who will undoubtedly shape the future of the sport.

Les Arnold Award - 2019

Charlie Hayes

For his many years of untiring devotion to the sport of soaring. Over 20 years of working with several glider/soaring operators in Region 11 as FBO, instructor and tow pilot.  He instructed and mentored many, many pilots throughout Region 11 in all aspects of soaring and XC skills.

Region 11 Safety Service Award - 2019

John Hodgson

For safely leading the National Auxiliary-powered Sailplane Association’s annual two-week event at Parowan, Utah for the past few years. Parowan is a challenging airfield due to many local factors and he passed up many great flying days to drive a wide range of innovative safety enhancements, against considerable reluctance. Operational Safety has improved markedly!


The Pacific Soaring Council (PASCO) presents two kinds of annual awards:

  • Flight Awards
  • Merit / Recognition Awards.

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