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The SSA has a lot of information about soaring to help anyone interested in Soaring.

Perhaps we all should read the SSA pages so that we can be better informed and articulate "what is soaring" to others to keep them interested.


What is Soaring?

USA Map to find a club or FBO.

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Great Photo and Video Links:

SSA Photo Gallery

SSA Video Gallery

These Soaring video's are being promoted by the SSA Growth and Promotion Committee.


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Soaring Promotional Materials

Help Spread The Word About Soaring

Here are a few documents to help spread the word and help inform the public about soaring in Region 11.

Listed on this page:

  1. Glider Display Check list - List below and link to list in PDF format
  2. Airshow list for California and Nevada (PDF Doc 15 pages 567 KB))
  3. Printable Information DOCUMENTS - below:

Download and Print Information

Get Adobe Reader - Watch Out, they automatically include Google Toolbar unless you UN-select itThese documents are in Adobe Reader PDF format unless otherwise noted.


Printable Information


SSA Discover Soaring InformationSSA Discover Soaring Tri-Fold:

Printed on both side, made to for creating a tri-fold handout.

SSA-trifold.pdf (254 KB)


SSA Membership Application FormSSA Membership forms:

Single sheet with 3 small SSA membership forms. Will need to cut the page.

SSA-membership-application.pdf (367 KB)



PASCO Where To Fly handoutPASCO Where To Fly handout:

Two page list of Region 11 clubs and glider operations. Includes the latest information on Soaring NV, and NSA's new website

Best to duplex print so it is all on one page.

PASCO-where-to-fly-handout.pdf (97 KB)


PASCO Club Information and Membership formPASCO Information and membership form:

Two pages about Pacific Soaring, Soaring, and lists our website.

(Looks the same as the one above, but this one is about PASCO.)

Best to duplex print so it is all on one page.

PASCO-mailer-v11.pdf (166 KB)




Glider Display at Dream Machines -- Ideas - Check List --

Download this list PDF 17 KB 2 pages

One month before the event:

  • Reserve space (contact Eddie Andreini), PASCO to pay for space, if there is a fee.
  • Request/print collateral from SSA.
  • E-mail PASCO members to recruit help (need at least 3 volunteers, one to watch plane, one to answer questions the third takes a break, then rotate).
  • List event on PASCO calendar.
  • Make a tri-fold with information about the plane on display and soaring in general.
  • Make laminated fact sheets that can be handed to interested spectators while they look at the plane.

Sailplane Information – include the following:

  • Weight
  • Cost
  • Manufacturer/year of manufacture
  • Wing span
  • Construction
  • How does it get airborne?
  • How is it transported?
  • What has this plane done – competition, records, etc?
  • Parts of the plane – flaps, ailerons, spoilers, winglets, etc. 
  • What does it have in common with a power plane and what is different?

Soaring Information – include the following

  • How to get started
  • Local soaring sites
  • Competition aspect
    Other “Show and Tell” items to bring for display:
    • Pictures
    • Copies of Westwind, Soaring, etc.
    • Copy of state records, FAI 1000K certificate, etc.
  • Handouts (print in color of PACO will pay)
  • Business cards – PASCO web site and a contact e-mail address

Other extras to bring on the day:

  • Table and chairs
  • Sun and wind protection – jacket, hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, chap stick, etc.
  • Lunch, snacks, hot drinks
  • “DO NOT TOUCH” sign – very important!
  • Polishing rags
  • Towels to dry the glider (it rained on my display day)