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Air Sailing Sports Class Awards

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Sports Class Contest Objectives

This is a great contest for beginning racers as well as those who want to enjoy strong competition in a relaxed and fun-filled atmosphere.

Who Should Attend

Any pilot with cross country experience who wants to compete in an SSA sanctioned contest. Per the current SSA rules each entrant shall meet one or more of the following experience requirements:

  1. Have a Pilot Ranking Score (Rule 5.2.1) greater than zero.
  2. Present evidence both of having completed a previous National soaring contest and of recent cross-country soaring experience.
  3. Present proof of having earned the FAI Silver Badge.
ASI will be using reverse preferential entry.

The higher you are on the Pilot ranking list, the lower your preferential entry number. In other words, if you haven't flown a contest before, you have the highest possible preferential entry. We also intend to have experienced pilots available to act as mentors for those pilots with no or little competition experience. We also intend to have daily meetings that will enhance the knowledge of the novice contest pilot. Experienced contest pilots will be available for additional help.

Visit the Air Sailing web site:, click on EVENTS

Air Sailing Sports Class Award Winners

1980 Tom Cooper
1981 Jim Hamilton
1982 JJ Sinclair
1983 Pete Newgard
1984 Jim Hamilton
1985 Ben Badenoch
1986 Tom Cooper
1987 Jim Hamilton
1988 Paul Sasse
1989 Stan Montagne
1990 John Sinclair
1991 Bruce Laxalt
1992 Steve Smith
1993 Eldon Hinkle
1994 David Volkmann
1995 Joe Findley
1996 Karol Hines
1997 Steve Smith
1998 Dick Horne
1999 Ty White
2000 Key Dismukes
2001 Chad Moore
2002 Mike Green and Bob Klemmedson
2003 Jim Gager
2004 Jim Hamilton
2005 Colin Barry
2006 JJ Sinclair
2007 Hal Chouinard
2008 ?
2009 John Sinclair

1- Cadets Michael Oliver / Thomas Dowell

2- Steve Smith

3- Mike Green


1- CDavid Volkmann

2- JJ Sinclair

3- Klenda / Orr / Pugh


1- Tim Gardner

2- Aland Adams

3- Ryan Moran


1- Matt Herron

2- JJ Sinclair

3- Kerry Richards


1- Robert Mercier

2- JJ Sinclair

3 - Walt Rogers


1- Dennis Linnekin

2- Keith Eyler

3 - Arnold Frankenberger


1- Keith Eyler

2- Dennis Linnekin

3 - Aland Adams


1 – Jackson / Lee
2 – Aland Adams
3 – Kerry Richards


1 – Aland Adams
2 – Matt Heron JR
3 – Kerry Richards