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Online Contest "OLC" Basics

Submit flights to the Online Contest "OLC"

The Online Contest (OLC) is a worldwide computer scored glider contest. It is very easy to enter and encourages cross-country soaring.

  • No declarations, forms, turn points, witnesses or observers required.
  • Flights are scored automatically on a handicap basis. 
  • Scoring is based on total distance flown, not speed.
  • There is no entry fee.
  • Contest year runs from October to October.


Each flight must be entered on line via the form provided under not later than 48 hours after the landing (or if the flight record was interrupted before the landing, 48 hours after the last recorded fix). With the flight entry, the participant confirms the correctness of the details given.

View OLC Rules on the OLC website.


View the OLC results:

  1. View Daily OLC Results

  2. View Region 11 Standings

  3. OLC Scoring TabClick on the Scoring tab to review other results. You can chose from many sorting selections, such as by airfield or club. Play with the list to see all the selections.

  4. My OLC TabYou can also use the "My OLC" on the right to view all your flights and your club flights once your have logged on.

Scores are posted daily throughout the contest year, which begins in October. Pilots can be compared by total points, best single flight, or for their standing based on their six best flights. Clubs are compared by their total points scored. Every flight trace can be viewed and the IGC file can be downloaded.

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To participate, click on the competitor then contest registration tab and fill in the form (just the required fields marked by *). 

Flights are submitted online in IGC format and must be submitted not later than 48 hours after the landing (or if the flight record was interrupted before the landing, 48 hours after the last recorded fix).

The IGC file must be valid. A secure data logger is recommended but not required. If it is a secure logger make sure to download in secure mode, and do not rename the igc filename. These are the only requirements.

The easiest way to submit a flight is by using SeeYou or StrePla software. You can also upload the IGC file directly to the web site by clicking on Claim Flight then Direct Claim, or the Direct Claim button under Quick-links.

It is recommended to logon first to simplify the claim process. No paperwork or other calculations are required, and this is the beauty of it. Using SeeYou, all that is needed is to click edit, optimize, and submit.

Once you submit a flight, it is immediately scored and displayed on the web site.

More Information?

Want More Information? Email: Ramy Yanetz, the PASCO Awards Chairperson and watch for updates in the PASCO newsletter WestWind and this web site.

Online Contest (OLC) Rules

The OLC Contest Rules change annually, so we will provide links to the OLC rules section instead of trying to copy them here. - RULES


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