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Awards Change over the years
... these are part of PASCO 'History'


All awards are important, but from time to time they are retired or permanently awarded to someone who made a great contribution to the soaring community. Here is a list of those awards, followed by a list (updated to the best of our ability) of those who were awarded the award.

Esther White Memorial Trophy

1974 to 2006 - Has been Awarded to the most deserving crew person nominated by their pilot. The effort does not have to be connected to the flight performance of the pilot, but will be awarded on the basis of the best human interest story of a crew assisting a pilot in a flight activity. Stories may be submitted by anyone, but must be received by October 1 for printing in WESTWIND. The selection of a winner will be made by a committee selected by the PASCO Board of Directors.

This award was retired in 2006 to Norma Burnette with deep appreciation for her years of support to the soaring community.


PASCO League

1994-2002 - Discontinued - The PASCO League was intended to encourage competitive cross-country flying on a less formal basis than National or Regional competitions, involving pilots at all levels of cross-country experience and skill. See PASCO web site for current guidelines.This award was retired in 2002.

Fallon Trophy Dash

1980-1997 Race Discontinued

Norma and Alex Burnette organized and hosted the Fallon Trophy Dash for many years. The Race was "retired" after the Burnette's retired from hosting the event. The AirSailing pilots enjoyed the Fallon Dash so much (the start gate for the dash was at AirSailing) that they decided to keep the tradition going by replacing it with the Gerlach Dash.


Lee Peterson Award

Chico Soaring Association 1981-2000 - The Chico Soaring Assocociation has been inactive for many years.  For many years the “Chico Distance Camp” was held in conjuction with the Doc Mayes spring contest at Williams.


Ester White Service Award - Retired

The Ester White trophy was awarded each year to a crew who was nominated by the pilot for whom they crewed.  It had not been awarded for many years because so many pilots fly without crew. In retiring the trophy, it would be good to give it to the person in Region 11 who has been the ultimate crew – for a lot of fledgling pilots – for many years.

YEAR Ester White Award - NAME
1974 Yvonne Sasse
1975 Pat Sinclair
1976 Maggie Oldershaw
1977 Eunice Newgard
1978 Dorothy Klemmedson
1979 Berta Godinat
1980 Norma Burnette
1981 Gertie Russell
1982 Jan Montagne
1983 Heidi Danielli
1984 Ann Buelna
1986 Nancy Kemp
1987 Elaine Hilliker
1988 Gordon Casamajor
1989 Joe Hensley
1990 Dolly Frauens
1991 Shirley Gimmey
1992 Barbara Semans
1995 Genese Izuno
1996 Linda Westerinen
1997 Mary Eileen Sasso
1999 Ty White
2000 Kaita Diniz Yanetz
2002 Midge Aldinger
2006 Retired to Norma Burnette with deep appreciation


PASCO League Award - Retired

1994 Diablo Demons Overall
  Silverado Slugs Novices
1995 Mission Impossibles Overall, Novices
1996 Silverado Slugs Overall
  Delta Devils Novices
1997 Mission Impossibles Overall, Intermediates, Novices
1998 Diablo Demons Ken Pruchnick and Bruce Roberts picked up trophies
1999 Silverado Slugs Overall
  Doug Lent - Silverado Slugs Intermediate
  Bruce Roberts - Diablo Demons Novice
2000 Impossibles Overall - Tony Gaechter accepted
  Impossibles Intermediate: Tony Gaechter accepted
  Impossibles Novice: Brian Choate
  Keeper distributed to 1st-3rd for each skill level.  
  Champagne for best parties.  
2001 Voodoos Overall Tony Gaechter Pundit winner (my garage)
  Voodoos Intermediate: Bruce Roberts (my garage)
  HGC Novice: Eric Rupp
  Keeper distributed to 1st-3rd for each skill level.  
  Plaques for parties/CDs. CCSC, Minden, Truckee and ASI  
2002 Bickle Buckaneers Overall
  Bickle Buckaneers Intermediate
  Tim Kurreck (1st) cup  
  Brian Choate (2nd) cup  
  Panoche Pirates Novice
  Mark Schmidt (1st) cup  
  Eric Rupp (2nd) cup  
2002 Discontinued - all trophies now at Hollister.


Fallon Trophy Dash - Retired

Fallon Trophy Dash 1980 to 1997

( Alex and Norma Burnette)

Discontinued, Trophies returned to Alex And Norma via Mike Hoke, 11/17/98

1980 Jim Hamilton Sports
 "   " Mike Hoke Open
1981 Jim Hamilton Sports
 "   " Bob McKay Open
1982 Bill Green Sports
 "   " Carl Herold Open
1983 Chris Borland Sports
 "   " Jim Hamilton Open
 "   " Janet Clark Women
1984 Stan Montagne Open
 "   " Kelly Slover Senior
1985 Bob Korves Sports
 "   " Carl Herold Open
 "   " Karol Hines Women
1986 Tom Morris Sports
 "   " Paul Sasse Open
 "   " Karol Hines Women
1987 Charlie Hayes Sports
 "   " Don Hurd Open
 "   " Karol Hines Women
1988 Ed Thunen Sports
 "   " Hettie Amade Women
1989 no finishers  
1990 no finishers  
1991 no finishers  
1992 Brian Hoke Sports
 "   " Art Clark Open
 "   " Karol Hines Women
1993 Mike Hoke Sports
 "   " David Volkmann Open
 "   " Karol Hines Women
1994 Ed Thunen Open
1995 Curt Laumann Sports
 "   " David Volkmann Open
 "   " Pam Sutton Women
1996 Charlie & Bryan Hoke Sports
 "   " David Volkmann Open
 "   " Cindy Donovan Women
1997 Mike Hoke Sports
 "   " Joe Findley Open
 "   " Cindy Donovan Women
Trophies returned to Alex And Norma via Mike Hoke, 11/17/98


Lee Peterson Award - Retired

(Chico Soaring Association)
1981 Bob Casamajor
1982 Gary Kemp
1983 Stewart Tittle
1984 Gary Kemp
1986 Gary Kemp
1987 Gary Kemp
1990 Al Thomas
1991 Al Thomas
1992 Gary Kemp
1993 Gary Kemp
1994 Ray Gimmey
1995 Al Thomas
1996 Ray Gimmey
1997 Peter Kelly
1998 Peter Kelly ASW-20 168
1999 John Volkober Discus A 257 SM.
2000 Peter Kelly Dg800. 260SM
  (Trophy Suspended - Chico Soaring Assoc. Disbanded)