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SSA Convention - 2018

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Soaring Society of America 2018 Convention - Reno, NV

  SSA 2018 Reno Convention is Over - Held March 1-3, 2018

SSA Reno Convention

The 2018 convention was quite the event. The weather gave us a some snow in Reno, and a lot of snow in the Sierra's. The storm made driving on Highway 80 hazardous a few times, which may have caused a few people to stay home. I know that several people got to Reno later than they planned.


2018 SSA Convention, Reno, NV

The convention floor had 120,000 square feet of display and vendor table space. 18 gliders, including the Perlan II sailplane. There were over 45 presentations held in 3 different conference rooms, as well as other meetings/meals in hotel ballrooms. Wednesday was the move in day, with vendors from Europe, England, and all over the USA.


Stemme S12 Assembly

Stemme S12 assembly is a major task. However, after talking to the factory reps I understand that almost all pilots keep the Stemme in a hanger. The wings fold to make it easier to store.

Stemme s12 cockpit

The Stemme has a very nice side-by-side cockpit make it a comfortable ride. This Stemme S12 has a well outfitted panel.


Bob Carlton jet Arcus 2 seater

Bob Carlton's Arcus 2 seater jet is my favorite glider from this show. A serious self launching jet 2 seater glider. I just have to save my pennies. Bob, through his business "Desert Aerospace" will add a jet engine to almost any sailplane for you, just give him a call.


Schweizer SGS 1-26 jet glider

Schweizer SGS 1-26. Look closely above and behind the cockpit. YES, it is a twin jet. This 1-26 can self launch using these jet engines. Burn rate of 26 gallons per hour, fuel tank holds 13 gallons.. Not very efficient, but LOTS of fun. The jet engine can even be rotated into the fuselage. I forgot the owners name, but he really spent a lot of time on this glider. Lots of excellent detailed work.


Dean's homebuilt Cherokee II glider

If there was an award for beauty and detail, this Cherokee II homebuilt would win the prize. Lots of people looked this one over. Due to its low cost and ease of construction, the Cherokee II is one of the most produced home-built gliders


Perlan II sailplane, destined for space

This was the first time that I saw the Perlan II glider up close. I have see lots of photos and videos, but this was probably the most popular display, their working simulator trailer was also here. There seemed to always be a line waiting to fly the simulator. I am amazed at the simplicity of the cockpit instruments.


I hope you were able to attend the convention and the presentations. I am amazed at the brain power that makes up the SSA members. I feel lucky to be part of this group.

~Webmaster, Larry L Roberts