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Minden Standard Courses added to PASCO Website

Created by Bob Semans , 17 Challenging Soaring Tasks Available

The Minden Standard Courses

NOTE: the above pages still being updated as of .. May 7, 2016

What are they?

The Minden Standard Courses are a set of 17 pre-defined and well described courses for the use of soaring pilots who fly from Minden-Tahoe Airport.   Course distances range from 100 km to 1000 km and meet the FAI prescribed course definitions for triangle, out & return and 3 turn point badge and record attempts.   Twelve of the courses use photogenic way points for those pilots using cameras for documentation … or even for pilots who, though they use GPS FR documentation, like to see the way points easily.   The remaining five are “GPS Only” courses for pilots who don’t mind rounding a “point in space.”

In addition to the basic data needed for flight declarations, other helpful information is provided including course leg and total course distance, a listing of airports along the course, a description of how the course might typically be flown and weather peculiarities and high traffic areas that may be encountered.    For both local and visiting pilots, use of these courses can save time and avoid errors in the process of course design and selection of a task suitable for the day’s weather.

Where did they come from?

The design of each of these courses has evolved over time … in some cases over a period of more than twenty-five years.   As the courses were flown by many pilots, with a variety of weather conditions (Cu and blue), based on their experiences the way points were shifted to take best advantage of frequently encountered good lift areas, such as long ridge lines and convergence areas.   Turn points at airports in the valleys were abandoned in favor of more easily reached good turn points on high ground --- this yielded dividends in both distance and speed achieved.   These courses can now be considered “well tuned.”

See the entire set &


These courses were initially planned as Minden-Tahoe Airport being the takeoff point, but they will work well from Truckee too.

Soaring NV - SoaringNV provides rides, instruction, aero-tow, aero-retrieves, oxygen, flight currency reviews, weather briefings and more, in the friendly atmosphere of our hangar on the Minden-Tahoe Airport. Read their great article the Sierra Nevada Geotourism Map guide website about the High Sierra Mountain Wave in a Glider
Location: Minden-Tahoe (Douglas County) Airport, 1140B Airport Rd, Minden, NV 89423
Call (775) 782-9595 email: Call ahead for reservations.


Truckee Tahoe Soaring Association (TTSA) - -  TTSA, located in scenic Lake Tahoe, California, just three miles south of Interstate 80, at an elevation of 5,900'. Staffed by experts in the sport of soaring, we offer glider rides over spectacular scenery. We also provide instruction, aero-tow, and other services for the clubs and individuals who love to fly with the eagles in this mountain environment. Soar Truckee also offers an on-site bunkhouse, shower, flush toilets and both on-site and adjacent camping facilities. OPEN: approximate dates mid-May - October 1; P.O. Box 2657, Truckee Airport, Truckee, CA 95734. 530-587-6702