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2015 Safety Seminar & Awards Banquet

Seminar Held November 15, 2015


Focusing on all aspects of cross-country soaring


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The Pacific Soaring Council's 2015 Seminar and Awards Banquet was held Sunday, November 15th at the beautiful Sequoyah Country Club in Oakland, California.

This year's focus on cross-country soaring created a stimulating discussion, as well as useful information and a great opportunity to catch up with other pilots from around the region. Our dinner presentation was by noted racing pilot Justin Philipson.

Seminar Overview

Click on Topic to view the Presentation Document

Dinner Speaker

  • Reno Air Racing –Safety and Performance,
    by Justin Philipson, a noted racing pilot.

General Meeting and Awards

RAFFLE & Winners

This year we had something new, a no-cost raffle for the chance to win a cross-country flight mentored by one of our outstanding Region 11 pilots. Attendees received a free raffle ticket on entry to each event, seminar and dinner. That earned a chance to win a mentored flight, including cost of the tow from a few of our regions notable pilots.

  • Kempton Izuno:
    Kempton flies an ASH-25 glider out of Williams Soaring Center
    • WINNER: Dennis Lyon
  • PILOT: Morgan Hall:
    Morgan flies a Duo Discus glider out of Avenal, CA
    • WINNER: Thomas Greenhill (Thanks to Bill Gawthrop, the actual winner who donated his prize to Thomas)
  • PILOT: Sergio Colacevich:
    Sergio flies a DG-505 glider out of Truckee, CA
    • WINNER: Art Thompson
  • PILOT: Tim Gardner, of SoaringNV, Minden, NV:
    Tim will fly Duo Discus-X glider out of SoaringNV in Minden, NV
    • WINNER: Dan Colton

These mentored flights are perfect for aspiring XC glider pilots - fly with a Region 11 XC master!

Each location offers a unique opportunity to advance cross-country skills by taking a challenging flight in a high performance glider with an experienced mentor. The sponsors have generously agreed to donate the flight time and the tow to this PASCO initiative. Winners and pilots will co-ordinate to set the date and time of the flight. Watch this website for write-ups of the flights next spring, as part of the deal is that the winner must write a review of what they learned and experienced during the flight.