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Pacific Soaring Council, Inc. is a non-profit volunteer organization serving glider pilots in Northern California & Nevada. Support your soaring community.
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  • 2017-04 Crazy Creek Air Adventures has closed. Jim and Connie Indrebo have retired after 48 years in the glider business.
  • 2017-02 Air Sailing Gliderport Closed Due to Flooding. Due to water damage to the dirt runways and access road, Air Sailing Gliderport is closed until further notice.  We'll be assessing the damage and making plans to reopen as soon as possible, and will keep the Air Sailing community informed as conditions change. 
  • 2017-01 FAA Proposed Changes to SFO Class B Airspace. The FAA is proposing major changes to the SFO Class B airspace. If these changes go through, they will probably take effect in 2018 when the SFO maps are published. The FAA had 3 meetings in the SFO bay area. Pacific Soaring Council, Inc. (PASCO) represented the soaring community at all 3 meetings to voice our concerns that the new airspace will have a detrimental impact on local glider soaring operations. Presentation and comment forms were submitted to the FAA by PASCO Board Members. The new class B restrictions will put 2 waypoints inside of Class B, and put the Class B area very close to several other waypoints frequently used by glider operations at Byron and Holister Airports.