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What does it Cost?

$25 per year. It has been $25 for over 20 years. Our costs have risen 10 fold, so we really depend on dues and donations to keep us going.

How does it work?

At only $25 per year, we do not prorate by month. The annual dues are the same price whether you pay in January or December. Each calendar year = $25. The dues are low, we are a non-paid volunteer organization, and we need to keep the labor (time spent) and total overhead down. For new members, if you do not want to pay in December for that year, wait one month and pay in January. For our members, we really depend on your annual dues payment, so please pay each yar.

Direct mail campaigns cost us $300 to $450 for each mailing. That cost is equivalent is the total annual dues for 12 to 18 members.

Two ways to Join, or Renew!

  1. PREFERED: ONLINE with your charge card using PayPal. PASCO does not see or record your credit card information, we do get a 'PAID' notice from PayPal with your name and email address.
    You DO NOT need to be a member of PayPal to use your credit card:
    • To help PASCO defray the credit processing fees, we add $ 0.85 to the total, for a cost of $25.85, but you do not need a stamp, an envelope, or a trip to the post office!

    • Print the Membership Form, fill out the form, add a $25 check made out to: "PASCO Membership" to the address is below (it is also on the form).
    • Mail the form and check to:

      PASCO Membership
      c/o Larry Roberts
      912 Edna Court
      Rohnert Park, CA 94928

      Save Time and Energy, Pay Online using the 'Pay Now' button above!

Dues are only $25 per calendar year however, it is $25.85 when paying online.

Already a Member? You can RENEW online too, just click on the Pay Now button above.

Membership questions?

Contact our Membership Chairman, Larry Roberts


Support Your Soaring Community

Membership in the Pacific Soaring Council (PASCO) supports your Soaring Community in Northern California, Nevada, most of SSA's Region 11.

Dues help us sponsor activities in Northern California and Nevada designed for soaring pilots at all levels of skill and experience.

Membership supports:

  • Email News and Events notices
  • Pacific Soaring Council Sponsored Events
  • FAA Liaison & Airspace Advocacy (Very important!)
  • Safety, Soaring, and Cross Country Seminars
  • Scholarships for student pilots
  • website
  • Pacific Soaring's Facebook (yes, it is free, but it is work)

Your membership is vital for the Pacific Soaring Council to act as an effective Regional soaring organization.