Weather Forecasting - Jan. 15, 2011

by Kempton Izuno

"It's Gonna Be a Boomer!    How You Can Find The Super Soaring Days "

To maximize chances of catching the best days of each year, and minimize disruption to a pilot's family and work life, how can you know what the weather might be a couple weeks ahead of time? Several tasks & flights in the western U.S. are reviewed with the predicted & actual weather, the forecast progression, and what actually happened in flight. After this session, the attendee will know the basics of what patterns to look for, determining confidence in the forecast, and the forecast process itself.

About the speaker:

Kempton began soaring at age 14, captivated by tales of long cross country flights. He started taking a keen interest in the weather at the same time. Beyond writing about his flights, he now creates presentations and documentaries with the objective of better cross country training material.

He currently flies an ASH-25 out of Williams, California on data collection missions.