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Soaring Community News
Soaring Society of America (SSA) Region 11
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Volunteers Needed for the SSA 2018 Reno Convention

If you are going to the SSA convention and would like to get a discount on the registration fees, do I have a deal for you!

Karol Hines is coordinating volunteers for the SSA Convention and we need A LOT of volunteers.

Convention Dates: March 1-3, 2018 .
Move-in Wednesday, Feb 28.
Move Out: Sunday March 4, 2018

Volunteer opportunities include meet, greet, check entry credentials, collect tickets (at breakfasts and lunches) and give directions. There are opportunities every day from 9 am until 5 pm.

We also need volunteers on Wednesday, February 28 to help with the Exhibit Floor move in and on Sunday, March 4 for the move out.

Ideally, volunteers will commit to a minimum of 4 hour blocks. For every 4 hours volunteered, you will get 1 day free registration for the convention Volunteering to assist with move in and move out is a great opportunity - you can get a discount on registration and not miss anything during the convention.

Hurry and sign up before all the slots are filled.

Contact Karol Hines if you would like to volunteer.

(breakfast, lunch and banquet tickets not included in this offer)

Attend the Covention:



Feb. 27-28: Flight Instructor Refresher Course

Mar. 3-4: CONVENTION: March 1-3, 2018


PASCO 2017 Seminar & Banquet Recap

2017 PASCO seminar well attended

PASCO's 50th Annual Seminar & Awards Banquet A Success

2017 was Pacific Soaring Council's 50th Birthday. Nearly 100 fellow pilots and friends attended our annual Safety Seminar and Awards Banquet at Sequoia Yacht Club in Redwood City.  The event included a variety of topics from a firsthand account of a glider crash into a mountain, the intricacies of weather forecasting, an examination of speed-to-fly theory, to the effects aging have on our mental performance.

There was a special guest speaker from the Soaring Safety Foundation who helped us understand the most risky areas of flight and how to deal with them safely and an update from our local FBOs at Williams, Soaring NV and TTSA.  Of note is the annual wave camp at Minden, the TTSA Aim Higher cross country mentoring program and the excellent glider repair facility operation at Williams.  Check out their web sites for more information.




2018 Upcoming Events

January 2018

Williams Soaring Center / Valley Soaring Association EVENT CALENDAR

Seminar and Dinner #2 - Dan Colton - The Day I Crashed Onto the Whites

Dan is a BASA member and was recently elected as the President of PASCO. Come hear Dan share the story he says he never wanted to be in a position to tell. Dan will candidly discuss the factors that led to the crash and share his lessons learned that we can all benefit from.

  • Spend the day soaring (weather permitting) Before and after flying (or instead of flying if the weather is not so cooperative) there will be plenty of good food, great company, and lots of stories.
  • Appetizers @ 4 PM
  • Dinner @ 5 PM
    • Ham, Potatoes, Salad, and Rolls followed by coffee and dessert.
  • $20 includes appetizers, dinner, dessert, and beverages.
  • Seminar @ 6 PM

RSVP to or call the Gliderport at 530-473-5600.


February 2018

Williams Soaring Center / Valley Soaring Association EVENT CALENDAR

Seminar and Dinner #3 – February 24, 2018, Key Dismukes – How Threat-Related Stress Affects Pilots' Performance

Key was formerly NASA’s Chief Scientist for Aerospace Human Factors. Key has authored or co-authored several books and many articles related to human factors in aviation. He will discuss the role that threat-related stress plays in a pilot’s ability to carry out the tasks required for safe flight.

  • $20 includes appetizers, dinner, dessert, and beverages.
  • Appetizers @ 4 PM
  • Dinner @ 5 PM
  • Seminar @ 6 PM

RSVP to or call the Gliderport at 530-473-5600.

Soaring Society of America - SSA Reno Convention

Feb. 27 - 28: Flight Instructor Refresher Course

Mar. 1 - 3: Convention

March 2018

Soaring Society of America - SSA Reno Convention March 1 - March 3, 2018


Williams Soaring Center / Valley Soaring Association EVENT CALENDAR

Seminar and Dinner #4 – March 24, 2018, Kempton Izuno – Wave XC at Williams

Kempton is a veteran of many wave flights at Williams and Minden and has participated in recent years at the Minden Wave Camp as a speaker and safety pilot. Kempton will discuss how far we've come in XC wave at Williams over the last five years, including forecasting, routes, airspace, strategy and tactics.

  • $20 includes appetizers, dinner, dessert, and beverages.
  • Appetizers @ 4 PM
  • Dinner @ 5 PM
  • Seminar @ 6 PM

RSVP to or call the Gliderport at 530-473-5600.


April 2018

Soaring NV - Minden Wave Camp April 12-15, 2018.

1142 Airport Road Minden, Nevada 89423

Phone: 775-782-9595


Contact Soaring NV to reserve your spot! Mark your calendars now!

Air Sailing Spring Family Reunion and Work Party April 21, 2018 - all day

Save the Date Jobs For Everyone!

The harsh desert winter takes a toll on our infrastructure every year. This event provides an opportunity to get reacquainted with old friends and prepare the airfield for the flying season.

Contact: Cindy Donovan

Air Sailing Spring Safety Briefing April 22, 2018 10:00am

Satisfy that Yearly Requirement

This mass briefing at the clubhouse prepares pilots and ground crews for the coming soaring season.
Be prepared by reading the 2018 ASG Operating Procedures.

Contact: John Scott