Using OGN
Philip G. Lee
Register with Glidernet
Like flarmnet, but more
Lets us know which targets
are who
Enter your FLARM ID (should
be the same as your assigned
mode S ID) and
Let Glideport (SSA Tracker)
Track Your FLARM
1. Generate an IMEI number at
2. Provide the IMEI and your FLARM ID via the signup
3. Go to, settings->tracking->add device
1. Enter ir_push:<IMEI> where <IMEI> should be
replaced with the one you generated. E.g.
Watch via Glidertracker
Live only! (and last 24 hrs)
Shows everyone with a FLARM
Settings in top-left corner
Map: MapsFF
Select/Track: 24h
Units: Imperial
Watch via SSA Tracker
Shows everyone who registered
with the signup sheet
Tracks are both live and kept
If a person flies with a satellite
tracker, there will be 2 tracks shown
Current Coverage (Jan 2020)
Future Coverage (Summer