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Stories and News about our sport

California Sky Ranch

Have You Heard? This will be a Member Owned and Operated Gliderport! Just as we are all concerned about the future of soaring in Northern California, Rex Mayes has a project West of Williams, CA, and near the Mendocino Mountains, to build a member owned and operated Gliderport.

Interested? www.californiaskyranch.com


Staying Safe in Wave

Wave Clouds Over RenoWave season is upon us in PASCO-land, and it's time to review some considerations of flying at high altitudes for extended periods of time. The first consideration, because it can kill, is hypoxia... (~ by Fred LaSor -- read the full article in the articles section: More ...)



PASCO membership, website ..

AGM, seminars and Awards banquet significantly up from 2007

See West Wind for details of the AGM (Annual General Meeting) and PASCO goals for 2009 http://www.pacificsoaring.org/westwind/westwind.html.

PASCO web site visits UP 43% in 2008

More and more pilots are taking advantage of the PASCO website and the wealth of information it contains.

Region 11 Record holders and World Team members now on the PASCO Awards page

Thanks to Larry Roberts! View the PASCO Awards page

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Sad News

Region 11 (Hawaii) pilot and Hawaii State Altitude record holder David Bigelow was killed in a January 2009 altitude record attempt above Mauna Loa, Hawaii. http://www.hawaii247.org/tag/david-bigelow/


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Nationwide transponder code for gliders

Local FAA contacts expect this to happen this year - We’ll update as soon as we find out.

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2009-February: Nevada and California

Unmarked Wind Energy site testing Towers

Wind Energy MapThe Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has authorized (and will in future authorize) wind energy site testing towers on a number of mountain peaks in Nevada and California. Most of these towers are a metal pole 6" in diameter rising to a height of 180' above ground, and guyed by an array of wires coming down at an angle. The towers might have a flashing red light on top, or no marking device at all. PASCO will try and ascertain the coordinates of these masts, to help improve local pilot awareness.

Planned and approved areas for these testing towers is available at http://www.geocommunicator.gov/blmMap/Map.jsp?MAP=Energy

Click the box on the right labeled "Wind Energy Rights of Way", then zoom in to see the colored areas on the map.


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PASCO funds ALBY trophy costs

This beautiful Trans-American trophy, (photo in the left column of this page) the brainchild of Sergio Colacevich, has been funded through a significant PASCO donation. Follow Alby's voyage at: http://albysvoyage.blogspot.com/

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Student Scholarships

PASCO supports up to 4 students a year with rating exam cost support – but no-one is applying!!  Instructors – please review the PASCO Scholarship page for details of how you can take advantage of this program to encourage youth soaring.

First recipient of NCSA Cunningham Youth Scholarship

The Northern California Soaring Association (NCSA) also supports students with the Dave Cunningham Youth Scholarship.

NCSA Cunningham Scholarhip Recipient
John is shown with his parents, John and
Katherine. He was about to pre-flight NCSA's
Blanik L-13 glider.

The NCSA had their annual Safety Seminar this February in Byron, California - with 58 in attendance. Five of our Junior members were present, aged 13 to 21.

One of these was John Pericich, aged 13 who is the first recipient of the NCSA Cunningham Memorial Youth Scholarship, (in honor of Dave Cunningham who died last year). John is passionate about flying and very serious about his flight training with us and we fully expect him to solo on his 14th birthday. He will apply to receive PASCO support for his Private Pilot Glider checkride when he is ready two years later.

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Winch Launching - Low Cost launching

Winch Launch VideoSSA Regional Governor Marc Ramsey is spearheading a small group of folks interested in starting a Winch Launch Club to establish winch launch training and lower cost launches in the region.
View Video – the goal here is to create critical mass of winch launch access and training to lower the cost of soaring and encourage more of the public to soar. Check out: The Winch Launch Forum


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Hudson River Landing: SSA driven glider publicity on AOPA

Hudson Landing VideoThere has been a lot of interest in gliders, triggered by Hudson River landing, see article at: www.AOPA.org


View the Hudson Landing Video by Cactus 1549. A very well done graphical video dramatization with the actual audio recordings of the flight.

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