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Meeting: Feb. 23, 2009

Time: 7:00 PM

Action Items Review

  1. Action Item Review - All
  2. Treasure’s report     -Audit update , Budget proposal
  3. Banquet & Seminars Preparation  - Site, speaker, topics
  4. Membership Issues and Promotion –
  5. Communications
    1.       Website  
    2.       WestWind
  6. Safety Issues – Wind towers, Ely airspace
  7. Contest Updates – Regionals and Nationals
  8. Winch progress
    1. How can PASCO reasonably participate?
  9. PASCO Director positions
    1. Editor, Lee’s replacement, Promotions
  10. SSA updates
  11. New Business

Goals Reminder

  1. Fill all the board & committee positions
  2. Complete website information infrastructure and content – monthly updates
  3. Increase activity of site champions (through promotions chair)
  4. Increase air show promotions to 3/year.
  5. Increase use of the private pilot glider support program.
  6. Consolidate FAA relationships. Build on good relationships to date
  7. Two Westwinds per year March & September
  8. Clarify Pasco’s position & capacity to promote winch launching
  9. Increase PASCO visibility to clubs and FBO’s – membership drive
  10. ASCO Spirit wear
  11. Banquet, seminars, safety issues info and dissemination
  12. Financial audit and budget

New/Rollover Action Items (from 1/12/09 Board Meeting)

  1. Bruce   Finalize 2008 banquet expenses. --Status: Done, but need confirmation w Hans
  2. Bruce   Finalize venue for 2009 banquet. --Status: Open
  3. Peter    Solicit for MC for 2009 banquet --
  4. Hans    Was officer list filed w state? Confirm.
  5. Hans:   Organize the financial audit --Status: Open
  6. Hans:   Find out how to get Peter as a signatory, and get him bank material and info. -- Status: Open
  7. Fred:    Create promotion strategy for Minden
  8. Rob     Create promotion strategy for ASI (Karol, Stu)
  9. Peter    Ask Ty to create membership promotion plan for Westwind and Pasco website
  10. Karol   Include details of 200 wind monitor towers in Westwind.
  11. Fred     Provide Peter w details of 200 wind monitor towers
  12. Fred     Contact Donald Brooks about status of nationwide transponder code for gliders.
  13. Fred    Propose seminar time/format/topics in Minden & forward to Peter
  14. Peter    Mail winch presentation material to Larry (CD)
  15. Peter   Check byelaws for general membership vote for Pasco participating in winch purchase?
  16. Marc    Put together plan for LLC for winch launch - Can Pasco put up money, but not be liable?
  17. Peter    2 spiritware items available by July 2009
  18. Peter  Roll out 2009 goals to board
  19. Peter    Make Pasco re-imbursement for Alby award public ($1.3K) on web site and WestWind
  20. Mike     Conduct general membership survey (see New Business below)
  21. Peter:   Write the first monthly update for the website. -- Status: Open
  22. Karol: Work to find a new editor to replace herself for Westwind. -- Status: Open
  23. Peter:   Do overview presentation for NCSA, BASA & Williams in 2009 (Internal membership communication). --Status: Open - Williams date set:  Feb 28,  BASA by Jan end, NCSA unknown, but goal is Feb 27
  24. Joel:     Work with Peter to come up with designs for PASCO "spiritwear" --Status: Open
  25. Mike:  Put together proposal/ideas for cross country community & network building event(s) in lieu of the Cross Country Seminars. --Status: Open