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Region 11 PASCO Safety Award

Safety Service Award

Starting in 2012 the Safety Service Award will be presented annually, or from time to time, by the Board of Directors to a PASCO member who in the preceding year has made a significant contribution to the safety of the sport of soaring in Region 11 or country wide.
In particular, The PASCO Safety Award will be presented to the member who has contributed most significantly to stepping up the overall safety protocols all across Region 11, or any other innovation that helps safety.


Safety Service Award





First Year Recipient

Peter Kelly

For consistently and unselfishly contributing passion, innovation, and guidance by his personal example on all safety matters. Specifically, over several decades he has freely coached and encouraged pilots of all skill and experience levels, but particularly rookies, and including abandoning his own XC flight to core down and help a struggling pilot. He has also generated turnpoint databases which greatly enhance situational awareness, led endless talks on safety, developed tools and techniques to improve the safety of ground operations with motorgliders, and led the Williams Racing Program with a particular emphasis on advancing safe XC flight operations for rookies. He exemplifies what it means to be a champion of safety in soaring by sustained hard work and fresh ideas. Soaring needs more of this type of behavior if we are to improve our safety record.


Kempton Izuno

Generously and consistently contributed an impressive amount of time sharing his equipment and expertise with others. His continued efforts to increase safety and to promote the sport of soaring are hereby recognized by the Pacific Area Soaring Council.



not awarded this year


Larry Suter

For his untiring devotion and personal time and resources put forward to make NCSA a fully functional organization and the work he has provided to train pilots to fly safely in the mountains and for development of standardized training and checkout courses/syllabus.



not awarded this year